When will you release an update to Android 9.0?

Good day.
I was wondering, could you write when you release the Android 9.0 update for your BOOX?
Would it be enough to write at least roughly, if it will be this month, this year, or when?

Thank you.


I had a an Onyx M96C which was promised an update to Android 4.4 KitKat when it was sold. The update never arrived.

You need to decide whether the device is fit for purpose based on it’s current capabilities as Onyx don’t have a great track record of bringing new functionality to existing devices. It wouldn’t be so bad if they enabled rooting and published their kernel source code (which they’re obliged to do under GPL) so at least 3rd party developers could have an option to enhance their products independently.

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Per our R&D team, the update to Android 9.0 will be released around November.


Thank you very much Claire for your quick reply.
I wish you an excellent day and have a good day.

… your loyal user Michal

You are welcome. All the best for you.

Will there be a beta testing program for customers?

No sure about that. Please keep an eye on our FB fans group.

Will the Onyx Boox Poke Pro 6 get Android 9.0?


It’s January now, but an update to Android 9.0 for Note was not released.
Will you release an update to Android 9.0 for Note series?? It’s very important.

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No they don’t. From a mobileread forum I copied this:

My problem with Onyx Boox after all these years…
… is lack of long-time device support. Boox is pretty active and seems to introduce at least couple of devices every year. As soon as the new generation of a similar product appears, the old one is almost immediately forgotten. I bought 4 different Boox Onyx devices between 2012 and 2018 and it’s always the same story. Take Boox Max 1 for example. Android 4.4 allegedly being prepared but stuck in a never ending beta, many times promised to be delivered and yet no progress made in 3 years. Or disappearing firmware files in, apparently currently non-existing Download section. I’d like to buy a new Max 3 or Note 2, I really would, but what’s the point if they will become forgotten instantly with advent of yet another Onyx generation.

Forget it.


This is very true and very disappointing. I am seriously thinking to buy different device (SuperNote/LikeBook which are very promising), if there is no certain news about Android 9.0.

It’s very sad.
But hope is the last thing to die, so I’m getting my hopes up for Onyx.
I think Android 9.0 will be the actual next 3-5 years, despite that android 10 was released already.


SuperNote is very fresh on the marked and comes with a Linux based OS that has not so many features at the moment. For example syncing data to Dropbox, using Chrome as a browser, reading in Kindle, using Android apps in general is not possible.

LikeBook is even worser in customer relations than Onyx. There is no support forum, not even an English webpage for non Chinese customers. The Twitter account is only used for promotion. Finding information about firmware releases ist almost impossible. Since you are complaining about Android 6 on the last year’s Boox devices, you should know that all LikeBooks run Android 6 and none of their devices ever get an OS upgrade. Actually even firmware updates with bugfixes are very rare.

I can understand that you are waiting for Android 9. Since they promised to deliver it in November 2019, it is very disappointing. Nevertheless Android 6 is still one of the most frequently used Android OS versions and therefore the app support shouldn’t end in the next years. Even Android 5.1 is still widely supported.

Besides, the latest Boox devices are the only devices that support 5G wi-fi, which is very important for me. At home, at work and even in the University there is no 2.4 wi-fi due to performance issues. There are only 3 undisturbed channels available in 2.4 wi-fi networks and those channels are heavily used. Since the range of 2.4 wi-fi can extend over 100 meters, even distant networks can disturb your own network.

Unfortunately Onyx is actually the best e-ink tablet supplier on the market. They have customer support via forum, Facebook, email and Twitter, a distribution partner in Europe (Amazon) and they release firmware updates more frequent than any other competitor.


When will you release update to android 9 for nova pro ?

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There is a lot of announcement for the same but no expected date. Earlier it was November now there doesn’t seem to be even an estimate of the date if there will even be an update at this point.

Our R&D department is working on updating those devices with Android 6.0 to Android 9.0 now. Please be patient.


Please make enough testing to be sure the performance doesn’t suffer
Every time my older android devices were updated to newer version it didn’t run as well
Anyway I think Android 6.0 is just fine for basic use as e-reader

What are the highlights of Android 9? Will it have better battery life, better performance or some special features that aren’t present in Android 6? What will the update mean in actual visible terms besides the OS number jump?

Android 9 has better security settings, a more intelligent battery manager and a better abstraction between kernel, drivers and vendors. In short: Android 9 is more secure, has a better battery management and delivers a platform that allows Onyx create faster and more stable firmware releases. Also Android 9 ist the second latest Android release and will have a longer EOL.

From a user view you won’t notice so much difference. The notification bar is slightly different but due to the same launcher that’s almost the only noticeable change. For Onyx on the other side this will have a great impact in development. All current devices will run on a similar platform. This will made software development easier and all devices should have the same bugs and features when having the same firmware version.

Android 6 is still widely support and there is no hurry, but Android 9 is an important upgrade. For Onyx and for users.


How about split screen for all apps in Android 9?

I remember having read something about that, which would be a major improvement.

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