When will you release an update to Android 9.0?


Good day.
I was wondering, could you write when you release the Android 9.0 update for your BOOX?
Would it be enough to write at least roughly, if it will be this month, this year, or when?

Thank you.


I had a an Onyx M96C which was promised an update to Android 4.4 KitKat when it was sold. The update never arrived.

You need to decide whether the device is fit for purpose based on it’s current capabilities as Onyx don’t have a great track record of bringing new functionality to existing devices. It wouldn’t be so bad if they enabled rooting and published their kernel source code (which they’re obliged to do under GPL) so at least 3rd party developers could have an option to enhance their products independently.


Per our R&D team, the update to Android 9.0 will be released around November.


Thank you very much Claire for your quick reply.
I wish you an excellent day and have a good day.

… your loyal user Michal


You are welcome. All the best for you.


Will there be a beta testing program for customers?


No sure about that. Please keep an eye on our FB fans group.


Will the Onyx Boox Poke Pro 6 get Android 9.0?