Wifi connection problem

Hi, on Boox Note Pro, the wifi connection asks only password. No user name/account information is asked. This makes a connection to any secure wifi such as the network in the workplace impossible. How to solve this problem? Thank you very much for your help!

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a. Please go to Settings-Network-Wifi, and enter the WiFi interface. And then click the “+” button (marked as red below) and click the “Security” button to choose the “802.1xEAP”.

b. You are suggested to enter your WiFi account and other information to connect the Wifi.

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Thank you! Your info helped me a lot!

That was a very useful information to me as well. thanks !

It is a bit of pain that you have to add SSIDs, even if they are already visible. I did this, and it seemed to work. But now the SSID shows up as connected 2x. An improvement would be to allow us to do this on existing ones.

Could you kindly submit this problem on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device? And our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.