Wifi issues - less reception and bigger power drain than it used to be

Hello all,

since some time (a few months or so) I have two issues that have not been that serious before:

-Reception is worse than it has been. Even when sitting next to the router (literally less than half a meter distance), I get no more than two bars. That has been a lot better before.

-Power drain is drastic. It has always been worse with wifi turned on, but still tolerable. Now, I can watch the percentage go down. In less than an hour from over ninety to zero. When Wifi is turned off, still the usual (little) power usage, where I can use the Boox several days for sheetmusic reading in a separate app and taking notes.

Has anybody experienced anything like this?

As stated, I have been ok with both issues before.


Hello, sorry for the late reply here.

Could you kindly update to the latest firmware via Settings/ Firmware Update on your device? If that does not fix the problem, please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.