Wifi transfer page not translated


I tried the wifi transfer app, and when browsed, the page is displayed in Chinese :


Also, the send2boox.com website is only available in chinese.


Dear, our relative colleagues are keep working on those two websites and the English version will be available soon. We will keep you updated.


I am unable to transfer to my Boox Note because I can’t read Chinese.

Please can we have an English version of the site, or at least design it so Google Chrome can translate it for you!



I just used it. When I open the wifi transfer page in chrome on android, Press they big button at the bottom, that would prompt for camera, Mic, and files permission. I hit files, and selected the desired pdf to transfer. Works.

But yes…please translate to English.


Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Our relative colleagues are keep working on this and will keep you updated.