WiFi very slow - Apps Download takes ages

Internet is very slow, it takes ages to load websites or install apps from google play. My wifi network is very fast on all other devices


Is the screen frozen because you open too many apps? So far, the wifi is good and fast in my device.


Hi Jeff, may I know Is the wifi signal on your device strong?

it shows full strength or one bar less. my laptop and smartphone have fast internet

Is there a tool to find out if my antenna is broken? I am currently using the device and sending back is a hassle

I confirm that apps download is fast on my device.

I would suggest to try the following:

  • factory reset and test without installing any 3rd party app
  • connect to another wifi router.

If it is still slow, then your device might be broken. However, I would expect no wifi connection at all in such a case…

Hi Jeff, I’ve tried to download some apps and download seems really fast.