Wishes for the next firmware update


I created this topic for us consumers and useres of the Onyx Boox MAX 2 to write down suggestions for enhancing the software running on our Boox. And hopefully, Onyx will consider these by updating the firmware.

By liking posts, Onyx can also see when the potential improvement is relevant for other users as well :slight_smile:


I would like to have more characters for the Filenames of the Notes.


I would like that when you are in Note and you are at full screen that you can use the left button to add a page. Or place a add page button on the page so that you do not have to exit full screen mode to add a page and then repeat the process after you finish each subsequent page. An add page button in the bottom right corner should be sufficient in full page mode. So you can just keep writing with no problem.


I would like the ability to add lines to the note in NeoReader when taking notes as well as an add page button. I think that would be very handy.


I would like the ability to cut and paste into the note program. So that I can add pieces of text or images into my notes as I go.


There should be the possibility to reduce the font size in the library view so that, if you have longer filenames, you can still read them to distinguish files.


I would like the ability to multitask in two windows where I can run the Note app along with another program. So the ability to see two programs on one screen would be helpful. Also the ability to copy and paste between programs that allow you to do that.

I would also like the app share function to include the note program so that you can share from one program to the note program.

I need you all to really realize that the note taking app is the cornerstone of this device. Unless you can make third party apps work more seamlessly then we could use Onenote to do these things and a lot of problems would be solved.

The operation needs to be faster with less lag. You really need to find a way to eliminate lag in third party apps. I’m not upgrading my unit until you resolve the third party app situation or add copy and paste to the note program.


Notes App: A function which exports note pdfs to standard pdfs would also be nice.
PDF-Notes opened with Brother IprintScan app show only black pages …


Notes App: A setting which allows exporting (pdf-)notes always to the same folder would be helpful


German translation is having inconsistencies in upper and lowercase letters


When I am in scribble mode in the neo reader scribbling into a PDF, and I turn the touch on (still in scribble mode but not able to write, you know what mode I mean, after tapping this cross-arrow-button thing) I would like to switch pages not only by swiping but by tapping the screen as well.



Shortcuts on bluetooth keyboard for refreshing screen, switching modes (A2 and normal), etc …


fix it please:

  1. delete-problem in the neo reader
  2. delete-problem in the note
  3. sometimes language settings will lose after reboot
  4. sometimes by on press on the word will the pop up Dictionary text box without content. (only by clicking in the text box will the content displayed)
  5. “surface book 2” HDMI connection (by reconnect will black screen displayed)


#A2mode/ normalmode

I’d like to be able to refresh the screen in A2 mode (in a quick simple way).



I would like to be able to delete the shop applikation.


neoreader: sidenote mode: ability to select and copy in the page – and paste selection to the note area


neoreader: sidenote mode: ability to write on page too, not only on sidenote


Thank you very much for your feedback.
And we will submit these advice to our Technology Department, and we will have our next Firmware update for MAX2 SERIES in the near future. Thank you for your support all the time.


Improve handwriting (when exporting a note to pdf)
One Thing that i recogniced was very cool on the remarkable tablet, was the following feature. When one exports a note to the computer in pdf format, the handwriting gets suddenly improved. In the pdf file, the handwriting was much more ‘clear’ and ‘accurate’ (not that pixelated, which becomes very noticable, when one writes very little and with fine lines).

It would be very nice, if you could make an extra feature in the note taking app (say an extra option for exporting a pdf), which does the same.


Percentage number in book reader status bar. Location/total is ok, but percentage read would be a great option as well.