Wishes for the next firmware update


I would love to see better shading, so I can draw with the feel of a pencil, like reMarkable. I believe the hardware should be able to handle it.


I would like to be able to switch between apps/notes/books easily (two steps tops) and always find them in the exact state where I left them (much like android in a smartphone).
Actually, I can’t believe something like this is not there yet, such a bummer. :confused:


1.) Ability to roll back to previous firmware.
2.) Posting of previous firmwares on site.
#1 & 2 I feel are of utmost importance. In the event a certain firmware upgrade, along with great improvements, has deficits which immediately effect ones use case negatively… the ability to quickly roll back (so as not to negatively impact that use case substancially and immediately), to an earlier firmware version, would be extremely welcome!

3.) Better battery performance, new version is tearing thru battery at a healthy clip, previous version lasted significantly longer. (#1 & #2 desirable in certain use cases, )
5.) Drop down menu to “Open With” to be available in “Recent reading” rather than only in “Library” - With pinch to zoom now no longer working correctly, I must open certain pdfs in another app. The pdf right at the top of “Recent reading” (conveniently located!) I now must drill down thru the library to find it and then the drop down offers “Open With”.

(PS. Thank you User_Y for thinking to create this topic. I too hope ONYX will take the issues here into consideration when moving forward with the next version)



+1 on this request to make it easy and to keep the older firmware available for download.

I downgraded from 2.0 to 1.9.1 by placing the older firmware file onto the device and running the update because the newer software broke a bunch of things for me. I think I should have also done a factory reset afterward to make everything work, but it was generally successful. I’m now running 2.1, but I still like some elements of 1.9.1 better.


Hi all, thank you for your kind suggestions. We will take them seriously.




So when will the new update be announced? Having a functioning current firmware would be helpful in my everyday life…


Hello, our relative colleagues are keep working. It will be released in one month. Hope you could understand that.


This is a bit technical, but here goes:

At the moment, the Raw Drawing mode (fast drawing with pen) is limited to black lines. This makes developing a drawing application quite limited, as there isn’t a way of taking into account pressure sensitivity and grayscale tone. Could this be expanded to include tone and textures with transparency? That would take drawing capabilities to the level of reMarkable, at least in theory.


Hello Andrey, do you mean the request for more grayscale and pressure sensitivity in Note App?


Hello Boox,

I need the pdf annotation to be readable on all pdf reader like Okular, Evince.
I am a linux user and I need to use ghostscript each time when I want to produce a readable PDF.
Thanks for your work.


Yes, and across the board, so it can be used in other apps.

Currently, there is a limitation where you can only draw in black:

// so far, only black and white are supported due to eink display limit.
Device.currentDevice().setStrokeColor(0xff000000);  // black
Device.currentDevice().setStrokeColor(0xffffffff);  // white

I’d like to be able to specify a greyscale color to draw with in the pen drawing mode.



Hello, could you kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/Feedback? And our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.


Hi Andrey, thank you for your kind feedback. We will forward this to our relative colleagues to follow up.


Hi, I would also like to have more options on color range lake Andrey already mentioned. The device obviously can display various shades of grey, so for drawings it is essential to have colors in between black and white that depend on the pen pressure. We got 4096 pressure levels, make use of this feature :slight_smile:

I got the note pro recently and I test it now, so I will add everything I notice. I also hope 2.1.1 comes back soon, if I dont like it and want to return the note pro it might be too late for that… So pls hurry :blush:


I just wanted to add that it would be great to have the grays “add” to each other, so eventually enough grey will create black. Artistically, this is important to build texture, like a pencil. It’s the photoshop equivalent of “multiply” blending mode.


Hi Sander, thank you for your support to us! Our relative colleagues are keep working and the new version will be released soon.:sunglasses:


Hey claire, thanks for your response, I will await the update.
Another thing I noticed yesterday while doing some drawings is the lack of some layer mode. For example when I do light outlines as a base of my drawing and then add thicker lines on top as part of my final drawing, it would really be helpful if it is possible do delete or disable the layer on which the light strokes are done because ereasing in finer areas is not really possible, I guess you could have a system in which the user can create a layer and all strokes drawn on this layer can be disabled or enabled with the layer. Then you stack those layers. I know this sounds a lot like photoshop and maybe your devices are not the target hardware for such applications, but for artists this would be super cool.


Hi sander, thank you for your kind suggestion. We have forwarded this to our relative colleagues to follow up and hope it could be available in the near future.