Wishes for the next firmware update


I would like the option of assigning with free functions or deactivating the front pen button.
I use to erase exclusively the button at the back. When writing bothers me the button forward.


Layers, please layers


Have passed it to our R&D department. Will keep you updated.


I would like to be able to work split screen between apps. And also the Note App with an android App on one side and the note app on the other side or run 2 apps at once side by side. That would be the ultimate.


We have forwarded this App to our R&D team to follow up and will keep you updated.


Full support to 1) and 2) but especially for 4) PINCH TO ZOOM


I like very much my Onyx Note, but I’d like to suggest some improvements:
• Note app and NeoReader app should be visibile in Multi-tasking switching in this way it’s easier for istance open a different app and go back to the book I was reading;
• Let the user decise what apps should be stopped automatically by „Fetch Remote Optimise Config"
• Aesthetic improvement: in Screen Lock there are letters under the numbers in the pin pad and I think they are useless because nobody uses letters in the pin code.


Hi! Claire. What has happened to Boox typewriter? Does Onyx have any plan to release it?


Hi, we have not heard any news about the releasing of typewriter so far.