Wishlist for Firmware 2.x

I thought I’d start a Wishlist for Firmware 2.1, so the developers know what we the users desire.

My own wishlist:

  • Ability to add app icons to the launch bar (Email, Browser, etc).

  • Ability to turn off the text beneath the launch bar icons (Set-tings broken over two lines looks unprofessional, IMO)

  • Bring back normal app refresh mode from 1.9.1 — my webview-based app flickers excessively when I try to type and none of the app-specific optimizations features fix it. This worked better in 1.9.1 without any special optimizations.

Feel free to add your own desired features below.


In addition to the screenshot option on a long press of the power button which they have indicated they will add in firmware 2.1, I would like to see:

  • The “select” function in the note app improved. It is sometimes difficult to select a small portion of a picture or note to move elsewhere, particularly when it is close or connected to other parts of the picture or note.

  • The Neoreader app to stay open in the multi task window after I have exited it to use another app. Sometimes, when I am reading in the Neoreader app, I need to use another app to look up a word not found in any of my dictionaries. After doing that, I then have go back to the homepage to reopen Neoreader because it is no longer in the multi task window. It would be wonderful to simply jump back to where I was in Neoreader after looking up a word in another app.


from new user (few days of use) perspective:

  • Neoreader - highlight text in pdf-files directly with the pen (highlighter-tool)
  • Neoreader - palm rejection, when I try to highlight often I change page
  • Neoreader - no way to highlight in scribble mode, with a configurable hardware pen button i could assign highlight function to it without leave scribble mode, it’annoying always switch in/out from scribble mode
  • Neoreader - split screen with separate opened documents (pdf/epub/etc) and scribble mode on both.
  • Neoreader - side note is great, an option to have also a note not linked to current page would be also better.
  • Neoreader/Note - option to set pressure sensitive to work same time on both, width and color darkness
  • Note - choose between a palette of 16 greys
  • It would be nice to be able to resizing the note taking area when writing side notes in a pdf document in landscape mode, usually I want the PDF text to be bigger and the note taking area to be smaller.

  • same as previously mentioned, a split screen with two documents or apps open at the same time, see my previous comment in the following post for details:
    Feature request: add new "sidenotes page mode" in NeoReader2

  • setting to keep current screen and just add a small power off symbol to indicate that the power is off instead of switching to the “power off” screen when the user has been inactive for a set amount of time.

  • implement hibernation so it is faster to boot up instead of normal slow boot sequence.


All great practical suggestions :slight_smile:
One question I would like to raise: would there be any downside to Onyx putting their app source code on https://github.com/onyx-intl/ ? There are some promising-looking repos there, but they are years out of date.
That way, community members could create pull requests to implement some of the requested features instead of expecting the Onyx dev team to do everything.


+1 to updated github. I’ve been working with their API, and documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Had to figure out a bunch of stuff myself as my app broke between 1.8 and 1.9 updates. They aren’t too responsive on github either, so it’s not very developer-friendly at the moment.


+1 For app src on github
I would gladly add features and send pull requests to help improve the app.


I would really like these features in the Notes app which are very handy when drawing something more involved than a sketch:

  • layers
  • (grey) color palette

Great work, by the way.



  • Copy and paste from one page to another (would really help me with Physics charts)
  • Search for words in specific folder (currently searches in all of the notes)
  • Highlighter with grey colour
  • Templates for pdf split screen editing
  • Export notes directly with Bluetooth

I would like OCR for the handwriting to text, with minimal Markdown formatting. I suspect this wouldn’t be too hard, since the gadget already can search my handwritten notes. It’s already reading what I write.

A better art app with greys and layers, and maybe a few artsy brushes.

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  • ability to edit PDFs from cloud drive (google drive) and save back with the same file name at the original location (currently edits are saved in adifrent directory)

Split screen

  • run independent note app and reader apps at same time
  • run note app and browser or browser and reader at the same time

Mouse and pen lag

  • reduce mouse and pen lag in third party apps like xodo. PDF and one note

Sharing notes between multiple boox

  • allow saving notes in a cloud drive (google drive etc) so that notes can be accessed from multiple boox devices

My wish:


  • to support opening pdf through 3rd party programs (or open source it if you don’t have the resource to implement it)

I actually liked how the launch bar were laid out on 1.9.1 along the bottom in the style of standard Android. It seems like good standard behavior that everyone’s used to, so I would suggest bringing it back or at least giving people an option to choose that.

I would like to have the share feature of Android in the note taking app. Then you can easily share the note between apps and you will be able to email it quickly with gmail for example.

I think this should have been available already.

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In note, I’d love to be able to use the stylus as a pen and my fingers as the rubber, I feel like that would be easier/more intuitive than pressing a button on the stylus or flipping it over.

Hello, we will forward this to our relative colleagues to follow up.

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As a lot of wishes have already been fulfilled by the developers (yesss!) I will add a couple too which I really miss while writing/drawing and which will seriously make the {put here a name of other devices} users more jealous :wink:
[in Note app, which - together with the Neoreader - is the app I use the most and where I see the most need for improvements]

  • layers (but 2 would be enough)
  • pen tilting varies the thickness
  • pencil and paintbrush (for control on texture and saturation), highlighter (adds a background color)

I’d like Neoreader to be scrollable at least for pdfs, instead of page by page in continuous mode!