"Wrong" memory size (RAM) is shown on Max 2 Pro?


is the displayed memory size correct? When I click on the multitasking icon, is shown only 2Gb Ram instead of 4Gb (lower left on screen). I installed also CPUInfo from F-droid. The same result. What’s going on?

Is this a software bug or do I have a defective product?

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I noticed the same thing on my Max2 Pro. Please can you confirm whether this is due to a software bug or we have wrongly manufactured devices?


Hello, could you kindly submit this on the Service Request Form? Our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.


Hi Stewey,

according to my store it is actually a hardware fault. My store said that one of the memory modules was probably defective. I’ve received a new device that doesn’t have the problem.

I’m apparently not alone with the problem. At amazon.de there were other (less then 5) buyers who reported the same problem. Unfortunately Max2Pro is no longer listed on Amazon.de.


Thanks Onur,

I really appreciate the response. Good to know the situation and hopefully I can get mine replaced without too much hassle.


Thanks Claire, I’m just going through that process now.