Year long-worth sidenotes disappeared!



I opened a PDF of about 3000 pages with a few hundred pages of sidenotes and it was fine. Pressed the home button to return to main screen, then back to library and opened the document. The document took a few more seconds than its usual to open, but when I pressed the sidenote icon there was only 1/1 pages and it was empty. Please let me know if there’s something I can do to bring sidesnotes back. It took me almost a year to write these down. Thanks.


managed to solve the issue. Apparently, the PDF itself was corrupted so all I had to do is upload the original PDF to the Onyx and the notes came back. Would be nice to be able to backup (rather than export) neoreader sidenotes, because after exporting, when importing back sidenotes appear as separate pages within the original PDF. Is that possible?


Dear, apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Please note that the feature to import sidenotes has been cancelled in the latest firmware. You could export the sidenotes and backup the sidenotes with Google Drive or other 3-party Apps.