Zoom is breaking the native note taking app

Because of the quarantine situation, I tried testing if the Max 3 can be used for giving Zoom lectures by broadcasting your screen while writing in the native note taking app. This turned out to be possible, except the Zoom app totally disrupts the note taking functionality. First and foremost, it is impossible to write outside of a small rectangle on the lower left. Secondly, the notes you write appear in a completely different spot on the screen and with a different size, sometimes even mirrored.

This is probably a special case of the same well-known error where using a third party note taking app causes everything you write to appear in different places and enlarged.

You might argue that I shouldn’t be using Zoom on an Onyx e-ink tablet in the first place, and maybe you’re right. But the fact that it breaks confirms that there is a deep bug somewhere in the note taking functionality on this device that seriously needs to be addressed.