ZOOM Option in note app


Hi everyone. I have a Note Pro device . I do use a lot the note app and I am pretty happy with It even if I do miss a lot the possibility to zoom in and out my drawing . Is It possible to use the zoom option in the note app ? Thank You very much in advance


The zoom in and out feature has been forwarded to our R&D department, and will keep you updated.


Thank You very much. I will wait for the new update then.


Been looking for that zoom option as well. Good to know it will be added.
Thank you.


Is this planned to be added? I would love this option as well. Since you can go to fullscreen mode it is clear that changing the scale of the drawing is possible, so it doesn’t seem like an impossible thing to add…


This feature will not be part of the new firmware and will keep pushing our R&D team to work on this.