About the competition of the max 3 and this expensive price

Firts i want to say that this product seems me a spectacular pieze of enginering; but spoken from my profession, Electronic technician, and counting the price of the components that it will carry, processor, memory; i think that it is too expensive, and more if we have consciuos of another products of other companies (like remarkable 2, with 250€ of price, and the new tablet of xiaomi with eink for 500€). Due i think that the actual cost of the Onyx dont is adecuate neither affordable for the caracteristics that it presume. I am sorry, but, a negative point for the Onyx.

Frankly, the absurd price point, lack of sharing open-source code, rare updates, and general disregard of the user after purchasing the device has made me realize the company is out to make a quick buck at the expense of customers and is not really keen on building a brand name. I have a Max2 for which I do not expect they will provide any support post the android 9 updates assuming that also happens. At least, if the kernel code had been made public there was a possibility that community could have picked the burden of bug fixes and alternate ROMs. At this point, I am thoroughly disappointed with my purchase and would have rather gone for remarkable.