App Request: MS Outlook


First off let me say I absolutely LOVE this device! Props to Onyx for being innovative enough to pack a full powerful Android tablet into an e-ink display of truly enormous (but also well sized) proportions. Everything from the screen size to the navigation feels well thought out and highly functional :smile:

For me, I primarily use this device as a productivity device - reading and replying to email, messaging people on various messaging apps, proof- reading documents and spreadsheets, and browsing content in firefox - iā€™m even typing this post on my Max 3!. This device has greatly reduced my eyestrain and the frequency of my headaches! :smiley: Of course I use it reguarly for reading and note taking as well.

I greatly appreciate the inclusion of MS Word, OneNote, and Excel in the Boox App Store, which I use a very frequently. The one productivity piece that I think is still missing is MS Outlook. I would like to request that MS Outlook be included in the Boox App Store. Currently, Outlook from the Google Play Store takes a while to get mail and mostly, will only refresh well on Speed Mode.

Please consider adding this app to the store in the near future!


Thank you for your support to us all the time. We will make MS Outlook available on Store soon.