Book rotation retained through the whole interface

When I rotate a book to landscape view in KNote, the full rotation is retained in the Boox home screen, which I find inconvenient (I wish it would only apply to the book view, and even further to that one book only). To restore portrait orientation, the only way I could find was to reopen the book and reset the orientation there.

Am I missing something?

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In the latest firmware (2.2.2) rotation control was added. You get there by tapping the notification bar.

This works on the home screen and in other apps that are not in full screen mode. In most apps you can make the notification bar appear by tapping the full screen button that can be put on the navigation ball:

Hope this helps!

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OK, found it, thanks!

But this still doesn’t solve the problem. The rotation settings within a book should only be retained WITHIN THAT BOOK, as it was before, and leaving a book should get back you to the previously set rotation mode of the main UI.

I think it’s a bug that should be corrected.


Totally agree, would be great if they could fix it with the next update.

Agreed. And the device should remember the rotation setting of that book when I get back to it.

Please kindly submit this bug on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device. Our relevant colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.