Boox note battery drain and screen freezing

From what you describe it’s most likely the battery that’s dead/dying, but have you installed any store apps which could be, due to a bug, for example, be using the battery excessively?

I just installed apps when I bought the device
Only thing that could have changed since is with firmware update
But at this point I think it’s most likely the battery indeed

If you look at Android’s battery use report just before the battery goes, what does it show as the application that’s consuming the most power?

In my case “Google Play services” was the main source of battery usage when the battery was draining fast. Do Onyx test the device when “Play Store” is installed? I don’t think it is available in China.

I wonder if with the Boox devices, until the device is certified with Google, the Play services aggressively and continually try to connect/register with Google and so consume the battery at a high rate.

For me the battery report just shows “Android OS” at like 1% use…
Still battery dropped 20% in an hour

I will send my Boox note off to get a new battery. If that fixes it then we know it is the battery otherwise we know it is software or firmware related.

I just find it hard to believe that a battery can fail after 14 months. Even with cheap mobile phones you get a few years before they really lose capacity.

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There is an android app called AccuBattery which can nicely monitor how much mAh is charged into your battery by every charge cycle. If your battery is really dead, it can prove it to you.

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Sorry for the late reply here. For the battery drain problem, please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your Boox device with your battery drain information and our relative colleagues will have a better diagnosis of the problem. Many thanks in advance.

I’ve got the exact same problem with my Boox Note. It goes from full battery to 0% and freezes while using the Note app. Have to plug it in for it to boot again. Increadibly frustrating.

Any news about this?

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It has been more than a month since the screen froze. In spite of charging it multiple times, nothing changed. I shouldn’t have trusted a new brand. This is just terrible.

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Dear user, please kindly submit this Service Request Form with all information needed and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

Dear user, please kindly submit this Service Request Form with all information needed and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

My Boox Note finally came back a couple of days ago. It looks like they replaced the battery and motherboard. It seems to be working fine again. Some comments.


  • fixed at reasonable cost.
  • not having the device made it clear that it is useful - especially for avoiding sore eyes.


  • a device that costs this much should not fail after 14 months.
  • I am concerned that it will fail again soon.
  • no explanation from Boox as to why these devices are failing so quickly - it would be reassuring to know that there was a batch of faulty batteries and the problem is now sorted.
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Hello. My battery has also died after just one year.
Aside from mentioned things, after the screen freezes, it gets fuzzier over time in a few minutes. While doing that the speaker would make weird popping or crackling noises.
I would like to ask please for those who had their devices repaired how much did you ended up paying?

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Yep so how much did you pay in total with shipping, and how long did you have to wait in your case? (where do you live?)

I am in the UK and the repair centre is in Poland. It cost me 10 USD approx to ship it and they charged me 23 USD to fix it and ship it back. They took 8 days to fix it, so with shipping time the device was away for a couple of weeks. It also took me a few weeks to figure out what was wrong in the first place, so I did not have use of the device for more than a month.

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Okay thanks for the infos
I might send it later when I’m done with current semester

I have had the same problem; my Note freezes whenever the internet is enabled unless it is plugged in. The customer support team has been very responsive, but I just can’t justify the cost of shipping from Canada to Hong Kong (more than $100 round trip). Especially if this is going to happen again in 14 months, though I still suspect that there is some fault with the firmware as I didn’t notice any issues until after updating. Maybe I will see if I can downgrade the firmware to see if it solves the problem.

This happened to me as well. It began very suddenly, but immediately before the most recent firmware was released. As soon as I updated the firmware it got much worse, to the point that I just don’t use my Note any more.