Boox Note Pro Disabled Pre-install App still showing at Application Tab



I noticed that the even after i disabled the pre-installed app, it is still show in the Application Tab.
And when i click on it, it get re-enabled and run the app.

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Do you mean the “Shop” in the Application Tab or other pre-installed Apps such as Calculator, Colock and others?


Not the shop, that stay disabled.

Yeah, it is the pre-installed apps.
The one I am trying to delete is chinese comic app and chinese tweeter app?


Sorry to inform you that the preinstalled Apps are not permitted to delete officially. We apologize for any inconvenience that may caused. Moreover, we will forward this request to our relative colleagues to follow up to make some adjustments in the future.


I was really happy to see the application bar move from the bottom to the side, but horribly disappointed that we went from one slot on the application bar that allowed us to put whatever app we wanted there to no configurable slots (in spite of there being so much more space)

so this was actually a step backwards in functionality, with zero actual benefit (there are no more apps listed on the side than there were on the bottom)


Thanks, I understand that you can’t delete it preinstalled app since that is the norm these day.

But the icon should be hidden when the app is disabled, which is how it work on my other android devices.