C76ML battery drain


Hello I have a BOOX C97ML,
Android 4.2.2
Kernel 3.0.36+
Firmware 1.8.2 2018
it has a 3000 mah battery and 8 gb. its a rebranded onyx by an Argentinian company.

The problem I have it´s that it drains my battey in stand by, and won´t last ore than 2 days even if I don´t use it.
Any Ideas?


Hello, Alejo. Please note that there is a feedback function where you could submit bugs or errors. Please take up your Boox, go to Settings => Feedback. Fill up the form to tell us your situation. Our staffs could have a better and faster diagnosis of the problems in this way. In case that you have some emergent inquiry, please contact us by FB messenger.