Cannot update firmware BOOX Note Pro V2.1.2(20190612)


@claire, who is in charge to decide for me which firmware is better meet my needs?


Claire, what specifically are the “local costumer needs” that are met with the customized firmware? Without a transparent and complete list of those differences, this sounds frightening.


On that site the prices are in US$, so obviously the “local” mean US citizens. I wonder how a Russian distributor can customize a firmware for the US users need???


As an american, I always trust mother Russia to make my most important decisions for me. They know my needs better than I do.


we have the choice of firmware from China or firmware from China modified by Russians.

Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if the OS was under an open-source license so that the source as available for people to look at and compile their own version… wait, the OS (including the drivers for the hardware) is under such a license. Too bad they aren’t providing the required source code.


This is completely unacceptable. Of course the Russian site has no return policy and I can’t contact them because the serial number is covered by the manufacturer.

The main fraud here is that the fake Russian website appears at the top of the search page whereas the manufacturer isn’t even on the first page. Without major concessions from the manufacturer I will not be purchasing a Boox again.


If you paid by paypal, you should are entitled to buyer protection. Try and dispute it through paypal.


Hi Guys,
I got an email saying that I could return my boox to Ectaco Inc. att. Boris Krol
31-21 31st Street 5th floor
Long Island City, NY 11106
I tried to mail it with a registered mail and the address doesn’t exist!
Very suspicious.


After filing a dispute with PayPal the Russian guys got back to me and made the claim that (1) there are no hardware differences (2) they would provide an update file that would allow us to move onto the international update track. This was on Friday morning in the US so I assume they will do it early next week. Will keep you updated how it goes.


It’s just some Russian guy who is hard to reach, doesn’t have a real address, and doesn’t have a return policy? Wow that is sketchy as all hell. I can’t believe Onyx is allowing such an unprofessional situation. If Onyx does not make this right immediately, we might have a class action lawsuit opportunity here, considering this Boris dude lives in New York and is governed by US law.


Those of us affected by this mess might need to band together, and if so we should perhaps take this discussion off this board. If you are affected by this and are unhappy, please send me email at


I’m also fall in there fraud and i discovered that accidentally. So i emailed them and this is there reply .


Dear Faisal Ali,

the firmware which is offered on the is supposed to be applied in the country of the manufacturer, in China.

It is not compatible with the firmware which is distributed abroad.

But anyway, the adaptation of the version 2.1.2 for the international use in the process and soon you will be able to update your device.u will be able to update your device.”





I was also tricked into buying a different product. Saying that they are almost the same regarding features is not comforting. They run a different software and it is a different product that I thought I bought. This is deceitful and we should be compensated.


Dear all,

it is the same here we bought to note pro from the boox homepage (Denmark) but the message is alsways as I check for updates: that there are no updates!
What are we to do? Claire?