Corners and sides are not responsive


I found the sides & corners of screen is unresponsive on right side, if i scribble gently like feather touch with the pen- over sides&corners in note app, it will work good if i put some extra minimal pressure like while writing. later i found, if i turn the device right side like landscape mode, the left side responded well with feather touch but instead it is not responsive on other side. I checked with all four rotation and i got different unresponsive sides with each rotation. I tried with different app, same weird thing happens every time. I even tried to write without holding the device in my hand{due to exerting pressure while holding}. I don’t know it is software issue or hardware issue. I don’t know whether this is happening to me or not! I attached the images- the words direction responds the direction of holding the device respectively.
link to images images
im using nova pro


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