Crop function bugs



I have recently purchased a Boox Max 2 Pro and It looks a very promising device for a professional use.I would like to report three annoying bugs concerning Neo Reader 2.0’s crop options.
Perhaps other users can confirm such bugs, or tell me whether something is wrong with my specific device or its usage.

  1. Manual crop almost never works properly. After I set the margins and press OK,
    the device ignores my choice and crops as with the “Crop Page” options.
    Very annoying when the documents need custom crop, e.g. if it has watermarks,
    or if “Crop Page” does not recognise proper crop.
  1. In Two-Page mode, cropping is bugged. Choosing any crop option (“Manual crop”, “Crop Page”, etc) will terminate the two-page view and show just one page and will remain horizontal. To revert back to a proper one-page view, I must manually use the “Rotation” option.

  2. If I try to “remedy” the above crop bugs using Zoom,
    I must tap twice to turn each page (very annoying) and often pages are not aligned uniformly,
    so it is impossible to read the document comfortably. I think this was already reported in another topic

I think that for this big-sized device it is essential that the crop function works perfectly.
Otherwise, reading of A4-format documents and scientific papers could be a painful experience.




Please note that there is a feedback function you have to know. When you come across bugs or errors unexpectedly, please take up your Boox, go to settings => Feedback. Fill up the form to tell us your situation. Our staffs could have a better and faster diagnosis of the problems in this way. In case that you have some emergent inquiry, please contact us by FB messenger.


I would like to confirm the crop problem in two-page mode. Two page mode is wonderful, but without crop some articles are very hard to read.

Another issue is that, when using the split reader/scribble view, I cannot annotate on the pdf itself, which would be rather important for me.


I witnessed the same bugs on my device, and reported the issue a few months ago, though my English might have not been as clear as your :slight_smile: . This means this problem exists on all devices and must be redressed via an update for all.