Dictating text on Nova Pro?


Since the last Firmware release is it possible to dictate text to the Note(Pro) devices. The Nova(Pro) devices do not have a build in microphone and therefore do not support this function.
However you are able to connect a bluetooth headset to the device, my headset also has a microphone so I tried to enable the speech-to-text but did not succeed.

Maybe I forgot to install an additional app ?
Anybody else tried ?

@Boox, would it be possible to add support for this in future releases or is it already possible ?

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Hello, thank you for your support to Onyx Boox first. Per our colleagues, it is not available to support the speech-to-text function for Nova series even with the BT headset.

Hi Claire
Can you explain why this is not possible or what is missing ?
Since hardware-wise the Nova Pro is identical to the Note Pro (except for the screen size, mic and speakers) and Android itself should be capable to support this is it strange that it does not work. Do you know the reason ?

Thanks for helping us to understand.

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A while had passed since, some kind of a Covid too!
Is @claire may light if a future Update could allow a blueteeth micophone used for Text-To-Speech on the NovaPro or the micro-chip just can’t allow it.