DJVU file search function


Hello everyone,

I have a lot of djvu documents I use in may everyday work.
The MAX 2 opens them just fine BUT for one thing: the search function is not
available! I tested it with several files that are text-searchable
in other devices and on the MAX 2 the function is never active.

Is this just a bug or there is some deeper reason for which the search function
is unavailable? It would be great if you could implement it in a future update.

Djvu files are widespread in academic environments and not having the possibility
to search them is a major drawback for me.

Thank you and best regards


Hello, we have forwarded this to our relative colleagues to follow up and hope it will be available in the next firmware update.


Thank you very much!

If you can please also report that the table of contents for djvu files cannot be visualised.



Does the djvu file have a table of content?



yes, it does. I tried with several djvu files that have the table of contents visible on other devices (such as the PC), and it is never displayed on the Boox.


Hello, thank you for your feedback. Could you kindly submit this on Feedback? (Settings/ Feedback)


I just filled the form!