Easy way of loosing all the pdf notes


Seems that if you uncheck the “Data Storage Access” from Kindle app, it still access you storage to pick up all the documents and show in the library.
This may have an enormous side effect. If you remove them from Kindle library, you may assume it is only removing them from the internal Kindle library. Instead it deletes the source documents from the storage.
In my case for example, I had many PDFs with many notes inside them. The result is that I have lost all the document together with the notes.
This make even more ridiculous the fact that you did a device that has the power of letting you write notes on top of a pdf, but then

  • do not provide a way to backup and restore the entire device on a PC
  • do not provide an easy way to backup the pdfs together with the notes
  • do not provide a way to share documents with the attached notes among multiple devices, pls don’t tell us that backing up the sidenotes foreach document is a solution to this, I am talking about the notes you write directly over a page

So I would say that I bought a Note Pro device yes, but if I knew about all these limitations in advance and about the risk to easily loose hours and hours of annotations, I would have never bought it.

Thanks and regards


Please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our relative colleagues will have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.

We are sorry to say that the first one is not available so far. Later, users could use the Onyx account to back up the pdfs (with notes) or share documents among different Boox devices.