Feature request — interacting with PDF highlights from other devices

I have found that if I highlight lines of a PDF using Preview on my Mac, then view that PDF on my Boox Note 2, I can’t change the highlight in any way. I can’t change its colour, delete the highlight, or anything else.

Could you please add this functionality? I expected that I would be able to delete highlights, delete hand-written notes from the Mac, etc. But I can’t.

To be clear, I have not ‘flattened’ the PDF in any way. They are still editable on half a dozen different apps on the Mac, including the built-in Preview app.

Sorry to have to beg for such features, but the Boox Note 2 is so so close to what I need for my work, and I’m struggling to integrate it into my workflow without these features. I imagine I’m not the only one who needs them!

Thank you