Feature Request : Neoreader, full ePub compatibility

Neoreader is alright for ePubs with straight text Paragraphs with some Chapter Headers and the occasional basic italics or bold characters (most fiction books), but it doesn’t properly display some other basic HTML features like Horizontal Rules (often used for scene/section breaks), or images that are Floated to the Right of Paragraphs in more complex non-fiction books (a pretty basic CSS instruction).

It also doesn’t reliably Justify Paragraphs, nor reliably Center Headers. Randomly Paragraphs will be Centered, or Headers Left Aligned. But closing and reopening the ePub being read will correct the formatting errors, without fail… Where’s the option to just honor the original formatting anyway?

I’ve installed Moon+ Reader, but I’d prefer it if the native ebook reader had full and reliable ePub support.

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Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Could you kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device? Our relative colleagues will have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.

Sure, I’ll do that. I posted here mostly cause I wanted the community to be able to chime in too; confirm and share their similar experiences. Know they aren’t alone, if they’ve seen these things themselves.

… and Neoreader also has trouble with basic HTML tables, BTW. It appears to be a very incomplete ePub reader. It’ll show the book text, sure, but it’s really not too impressive.

There are capable open source ePub reader backends the devs coulda used. And they really shoulda targeted full ePub v3 compatibility anyway, from the get-go. I kinda feel like an unintentional beta tester of an early 2008 ebook reading program (ePub v2.0 was finalized in 2007 I believe, & v3 was 2017) …


I agree with your comments ehelldane. I have a boox purely as an ereader to get away from the Kindle restrictions and quirks. I’m happy to use the native neoreader, it has many nice features, but I really want it to render the original formatting of the epub and read it as intended.

I recently purchased a nova pro at the start of this month, and I have also noticed that CSS is hit or miss with Neoreader. The most noticeable issues I had was that font-family setting is ignored, so chapter headers and book text cannot use different fonts including fonts that are embedded in the epub. Also most indention settings are ignored and h1, h2, etc… heading elements have large margins that cannot be overridden.

I have been using Aldiko because it supports all CSS settings. I would much prefer to use Neoreader because it is optimized for eInk and much more native to the device which makes it much more enjoyable to use.

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I put here some screenshots take today.

For IT books, it’s roughly unusable :frowning:

PDF version :

EPUB version :