Feature Request: Note App - Ability to Move Pages Within and Across Documents


The ability to freely moving around pages within a notebook and also across notebooks would be a great feature. My ideas on how to design this:

via the menu toolbox,

  • add a button to select a page for moving
  • if a page is selected for moving, enable two buttons: insert before and insert after. Clicking one of them will move the selected page before or after the currently active page.
  • if a page other than the currently active is selected for moving within the currently opened notebook, enable another button: move more pages. By clicking this, the user is selecting a range of pages to be moved.
  • if one or more pages is selected for moving in any notebook, add a button to cancel the selection, resetting the move state.

My usecase: I have many notebooks where some pages contain important notes while most are not that useful. In order to organize my notes, I’d like to create new notebooks for important notes, moving relevant pages to them.

Example: Every month at work I create a new notebook which I fill with random notes. Approximately three-five new pages every day. Most pages are clutter and sketches, like temporary mind maps, while some pages contain important action points I need to do. As a complement to this monthly notebook, I’d love to have another notebook with action points. At the end of every day, I’ll go through the notes of today, moving the pages containing action points to this important notebook.


This was a while ago but I strongly agree with this post. However you guys want to enable this functionality just get it in there, its crazy it isn’t in there yet. These are digital devices that should offer more ability than traditional paper.


Also cutting and pasting parts of scribbles


Dears, Thank you very much for your kind suggestion, I will forward it to our R&D.


Copy and past pages and part of pages are the second mort important feature I lack. The most important is to export a single page or part of page with mail or OneNote