[Feature Request] Notes App: Share button in Thumbnail Menu


NOTE: The Note Series category is non-binding. Since this is a software suggestion, this can apply to all boox tablets, including my own Nova Pro.

The Problem: I love the “share” feature in the notes app so much - it’s one of my most used features. However, there are times when I only want to share parts of my notebook, and usually my best option now is to share the whole notebook, and then edit the PDF on my laptop to remove the pages I don’t want. This is unecessarily clunky.

The Solution: The “thumbnail menu”, the menu that lets you view a 3×3 grid of pages and move them around if you wish, does have an export button, which makes the solution (in my mind), obvious. Instead of only providing the user with an export button, also give them a share button, as done in the main screen. I’ve provided visualization of the UI to show what I mean:

"Thumbnail Menu", Before

"Thumbnail Menu", After


It is only available to share the current page or the whole document. Will forward this feature to our R&D team to follow up.