Feature request: short press page turn button


I like my Boox Note Lite a lot, but there is one feature I am missing from my previous reader, namely physical page turn buttons.
(The touch screen doesn’t always respond robust to page turn taps.)

Would it be feasible to make the home button ‘dual function’?
So a long press would bring you ‘home’, and a short press could function as ‘next page’?


Hello, thank you for your valuable suggestion. We will forward these to our relative colleagues to follow up.


I’ve got a Nova Pro on the way. Not sure if this has been implimented yet, but it would definitely be a very valued feature.


Would definitely like that for the note pro too!


If implemented, this should be an option to enable or disable. I prefer to comply define the areas of the screen for touch and have the button for going back. But I can see how this might be nice option too.


Hello all, you could easily set the short page turn with the Navigation Ball in the latest firmware. Please kindly go to the Apps-Navigation Ball-Enable Navigation Ball and set two buttons as options of Prev Page and Next Page. Then you could turn the pages in an easier way.