Finally, firmware 2.1.2 is available now!


I bought it at Aliexpress, and where I had to chose between having it shipped from either China or Spain, I selected Spain since that is most close to where I live:


All good on my Max 2 Pro! After I downloaded and installed the update, my MobileSheets Pro had an update, too. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy-- everything’s working great. Love the navigation ball!

(Loving this device, BTW. Just got it and it is everything I hoped for and more.)


Dear Claire,

My device is Max 2 pro. With the update of V2.1.2, the highlight delete symbol has been disabled. How can I have it enabled? Thanks!



Hello Tim, could you kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device? Our relative colleagues will have better and faster diagnosis of the problem. Thank you for your understanding!


Yepp. Thank you for your fast response.


You asked me this because you said you needed to check what distributor sold this model (for you!) so you could then inform me how I could acquire the firmware.

It has been more than two weeks since I answered that question.
You have still not replied.


A while back you suggested I should set my Note to Chinese and then do the update.
I did that, which resulted in some ‘mixed’ update where the version number didn’t match what it should be.
I asked about that.
No reply.


You asked me by PM for my email, so I would be contacted by email about the firmware.
I provided that, but have not yet received one single email.

(perhaps that was only an attempt to keep this forum board clean from negative experiences and complaints about Onyx and their rather terrible firmware update policy?)


The website still offers no firmware AT ALL under the ‘download updates’ button here:

I have notified Onyx that firmware for this model was nowhere to be found many months ago already.
But besides often silence, all you give is words, words and excuses about relative colleagues and mysterious distributors.


And let me say again, the website for ‘support’ for this model is in English, the website where I bought the product had the product page including all specifications in English, and the included printed quick-guide is in English.

So please stop coming up with lame excuses about Russian distributors, Chinese updates, Martian tides or whatever.

Your lack of decisive action and communication, and lack of control and transparency about the whole firmware/models/distributors matter is getting rather annoying to be honest.

Could you for now at least change the button from the screenshot above from: ‘SUPPORT’ to: ‘NO SUPPORT’?
That would at least be honest.


While the exact relationship between and could and should be made clearer, they do seem to be different entities.

For example, on they offer a number of ereaders with different names from those offered by Onyx-International.

Also, if you look at the updates available for download, has far fewer updates available. They don’t even have the most recent update for the Note Pro.

And, if you read the descriptions for the devices available on, you will find that many of them come with preinstalled dictionaries for Russian and English whereas my various ereaders from Onyx have come with dictionaries in English and Chinese.

So, it does seem that is a Russian distributor of Boox ereaders regardless of where their company is registered. And that they do not update their devices as frequently as the Onyx-International does. That said, Onyx-International does not seem to have offered any updates for the Note Lite either.

Have your tried to contact the seller to determine which model your device is or which firmware it is running? I think that would be my first step.

However, if it turns out that your device is running the Russian version of the firmware and if you did not purchase it from them, I’m not so sure that they will support it. I think that is one of the dangers from buying devices from vendors on sites like Aliexpress.


I don’t think that is the case, since when I ordered it I had two options of delivery, China or Spain.
It seems unlikely that a Russian distributor would ship their product from Russia, to China, to Spain.

Until Onyx finally discloses if my Note came from them directly or from some third party distributor all we pretty much have is confusion and rumors.


Dear, apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. We have forwarded your email address to our colleague who is responsible for the business on Aliexpress. Please kindly check the feedback from our relative colleague. As for the different firmware issue, we will push our distributor to make it clear and public on their website.


Claire -
Making the firmware issue public on the distributor’s page is too late for us who already bought our device from them. Onyx should provide a way for us to change our firmware to the onyx-international version. I know you will say that this “may cause bugs”, but anybody who knows how firmware works knows that this is not really true; if you wanted to, you could allow us to switch firmwares. For some legal or business reason, Onyx is refusing to allow us to choose which line of firmware is installed on our device; either be upfront about it or do the right thing and let us switch.


Dear, we have double checked with our relative colleagues that it is not suggested to reflash the device since you may lose some data or come across some bugs after that. Please kindly contact the seller to change the firmware if you would bear the possible data lost and bugs on your device. Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.


I still don’t think Onyx realizes just how big this problem really is!
This is all about trust. In a costumer electronic market of a 1000$ range all about trust. The costumer spending such much money must trust in the company that they get what they was promised.
Having a third party reseller owning a domain name that suggest they are the original company itself and running a website that looks and suggests that they are the original company, that is a PR nightmare. This is a catastrophe. This completely undermines all the trust we (the costumers) have. From now on we can never know if we’ve purchased from an official store with official support and warranty or some “customized”, separately supported version from some unknown reseller.
If I were an Onyx decision maker I would do anything needed to close down this “reseller” website immediately!!!