Firefox reading extension for Boox Max



tl;dr : ereaderify firefox extension to increase usability and readability.

I like the browser provided with the Onyx Boox Max 2, especially its page down and text boldiness, but it had some quirks and might not be updated as fast as other browsers. I wanted to use Firefox, but it was largely unusable for me: small fonts, no page-up page-down functionality. That’s why I developed ereaderify. It increases font size, make text bold and black on white, handles clicks at the right 5% of the screen with a page down (page-up at left). I find it super useful, and hope it can help some.



Works like a charm. Thanks!!

If you plan improving your add-on in the future, here’s an idea: Add a way to selectively disable the font and color enhancements, either manually or automatically per website.

Thanks again!