Firmware 2.0.1. Update or not?


Who is install this firmware?
Have you find bugs or something?
Is 2.0.1. really better than 2.0?


This version fix note refresh problem?


Version 2.0.1 is undoubtedly better than the previous one. It fixes many bugs, but not all of them … But the overall impression after two days is good, it moves better, it is more stable.


Can you add your own application icon to the launch bar, like you could in pre-2.0?

Also, can you turn off the icon labels? It looks like broken design with Set-tings split between two lines.


Hi Rafail,

can you try this?

Thank you!


Rotation Control doesn’t appear to work now. When will Onyx add this feature to the firmware? It’s long overdue!


For me and for others Rotation Control works (for me only for thrid party apps)


I tried, it works well for my Note.


No, these things have not changed yet.


Thanks, Rafail. I think I’ll stick with 1.9.1 for now.


EZ PDF Reader: immediately crashes
Amazon Kindle: page turn broken


I was able to get the kindle app working by going into it’s settings and telling it to do page changes from the volume button, and then in the onyx app optimization settings (from a long press on the kindle app on the app page) by setting it to force a2 mode and use page key as volume key

this is horrible for an app that has been optimized by Onyx for the device, but at least it works