Firmware update for Nova Pro


Hi, Ramón here from Spain.
Just received my new Nova Pro. I’ve seen this youtube video working with the new 2.1 Firmware (big improvements!). But my device has the old one and when try to update say not package available.
I check the wesites of boox -> downloads and onyxboox ->firmware And there is no updates.
How can I update?
Regards from Spain.


The international version of the new 2.1 FW is supposed to be released sometime in May.

Some people have switched their system language to Chinese so that they can download the OTA update of the Chinese 2.1 FW, and then switched back to English after installing it.

However, Onyx is telling people NOT to do that as there are still some bugs in the Chinese 2.1 FW. There wa actually just a recent update to it bringing it up to 2.1.1.

Also, be aware that there currently doesn’t seem to be a way to roll back to the 2.0.1 FW if you find you don’t like the new Chinese FW.

I am currently using the newest Chinese FW because I updated it before Onyx started advising people against doing so. As for me, I’m not currently experiencing any issues, but some others who have updated are now lamenting that they cannot not roll back their devices to the earlier 2.0.1 FW.


Dear, please wait for the official international update. And we will keep you updated.


Hi @claire @QuestionMark
Thanks for your quick answer.
I was on holidays and just connect my device and… the update arrive!
Very excited to test!
The handbook is also available.
Boox download page.