FW 2.0 Improvements


I don’t see a nova section so i put it here. Things to improve in 2.0.

Allow to scan an obtain covers in all the books. I only see the cover when i open a book.

File manager:
When i’m in page 20, for example, get in a subdirectory, if io back it begins in the page 1. It should stay in page 20.

Allow to change icons for installed apps. So i can change store i don’t use for my reading app, or what i want. Or file manager for other one. Allow to add more options there is enought space.

The mix frontlight app in the onyx store is great, why not use it as the main frontlight control. I lost the configuration when i turn the device on from standby.

The stardict integration is not very good. If a dictionary has inflected forms, it’s not used.

Allow to use the last reading book as screensaver in standby. Also allow to put a folder with differente screensavers to use them in random mode.

Imment a take a screenshot in main bar.

Button volumen buttons control change:
What is this for in Nova?

In last fimware december it’s still buggy. Some time it gets frozen when you left unfrozen.
It lost login sometimes.

I like the reader but it’ll be great if some imrpovements to the interfac can be done.



This feature is now Implemented… Great.


I agree with you on all of these. I just received my Nova yesterday and I wish I could change the sidebar so it was more useful.

I also wish I could use the TTS functionality in apps other than the default reader


Dear, thank you for your kind suggestions and we’ll pass it to our R&D team.