FW 2.0 NeoReader highlight/underscore error


After updating to FW 2.0 multi-line highlighting no longer works correctly.
When creating a highlight that spans multiple lines NeoReader will sometimes shows the highlighted section as starting at the beginning of the first selected line and stretching to the end of the last selected line. This Doesn’t always happen as some sections of a PDF seem to highlight correctly, in others it happens if the highlighting starts in the first half of a line, and other times doesn’t stretch all the way to the start of the line.
Because of the way NeoReader handles highlighting this also happens on highlight that I had made in the older firmware and were displayed correctly but not now. If we switch to underlining instead of highlighting it’s even worse as it only underlines the last line.
On the highlights list it still shows only the selected text so new highlights are being registered correctly just not displayed correctly.


Yeah, it is really confusing. Solve this issue as soon as possible, please.


Hello, same problems for me.
It is really annoying for an academic usage.
Please fix it as soon as possible.
I sent to onyx some messages about that really big problems few months ago but nothing new.
Please correct it as soon as possible.


Yes, same problem here.
Really: It is the most important thing to fix.
This underscore/highlight bug makes it impossible to use the onyxboox as scientific reader. This was the main reaseon why I bought an boox max 2.

So please, please fix it. It used to work very fine in 1.9.1.
Thank you.


Hi, is there someone else with this problem ?
Please boox developers fix that little thing as soon as possible. Just give us the new apk without waiting the next full update or the previous version apk 1.91 as it worked before.



Dear, the latest firmware has came out yet. We have checked that it works well now.


Hi. the update is for the note pro only, I have the boox note ‘‘old version’’.
Do you plan to release it soon for the other boox reader ?


Yes, we will release the latest firmware for other devices. We will keep you updated.


Dear, the latest firmware for Boox Note is available now. You could try to upgrade locally or update locally or update by OTA.
A. Update locally
Download firmware update.upx from our official website 4. Copy the firmware to root directory of local storage. Go to Settings –Firmware Update, click the button “Check update”, and follow the instructions to update the device.
B. Update by OTA
You can update the firmware online via OTA (Setting\Firmware Update). Please connect WiFi and search for the update.upx.