G-Suite account sync


Hi. I tried to login the play store with my g-suite account and it let me install device policy app. Then I was told to encrypt the whole device. It warned me it will take a long time so I had to plug the power before I could proceed with encryption. Then Max2 restarted and it does not go pass the starting up(read the future) screen. Progress bar is still moving and I have been waiting for three hours now. Do I have to wait more or should I just try to reboot or factory reset?


Hi, does your Max 2 turn on now? If not yet, pls try the factory reset according to following steps:

To switch off the device firstly, and then long press the “back” button and insert the USB cable to charge at the same time, for about 5 seconds, the blue light glows, then release the “back” button, when the red light glows, enter into the recovery interface, to select “wipe data\factory reset – yes delet all user data - reboot”, which will be restore the factory default settings.

This will clear all the personal data (such as reading records, third-party app, system settings), but will not clear the files already stored in the storage.

  • to select up and down direction by page turn buttons, power button to enter/confirm;

Any questions, pls feel free to email me at: sales@onyx-international.com



Thank you. I was able to encrypt the device yesterday. But was not able to create work profile with device policy app. Is this any possible? Or boox max2 only with plain vanilla google account? Please let me know if it works with g-suite account. Thanks!



I also had my Max 2 encrypted through the “Company Portal” app. Now I am not able to update to Firmware version 2.0. I think this is related to the encryption as it was not able to mount the data drive during update process before asking for the lock screen key. I am wondering whether you are able to update to FW 2.0.
There is no option to decrypt the device as far as I can see. Thanks!


Any word on support for Work Profiles? Holding off on encrypting my 2.0 firmware Max2 until I hear some positive news that it won’t be a brick afterwards needing factory reset. Thanks in advance