HDMI Monitor - 1:1 resolution, 2200x1650 for Max2

The HDMI connection from the Max2 makes it recognized as a 2104x1560 monitor, but the actual resolution of the Max2 is of 2200x1650.

The problem is that this resolution, reduction to around 90% of the screen area, once enlarged causes a bit of blurriness, that is not very evident per se but becomes very evident if the “monitor” rendering is compared to a native Androd rendering (e.g. a PDF page rendered through the monitor function will be blurry if compared to a PDF page rendered natively on the Max2).

Will it be possible to have the Max2 accept a 2200x1650 resolution, with future firmware updates?

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@mdp Did you find an exact percentage at which there is at least no blurring going on? Even losing some real estate could be worth it in order to use the Max2. Blurry letters make it hard to program on the Max2 though.

I’d really appreciate it if you could post a video showing the results? I’m really interested to see text quality and typing response times.

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Folks, I seem to have gotten it to work with FULL resolution, connected to a Win10 laptop through a HDMI -> mDP cable, using the “custum resolution utility” downloadable from here:

Sorry I have to retract my positive posting above. After hours of repeated experiments, I was unable to reconstruct my initial success, so I came to believe I must have been mistaken.

Perhaps somebody else finally cracks this. Until then, 2104x1560 with the best e-ink update mode settting must suffice.

Still, not providing a way use the full physical resolution of the e-ink screen in monitor mode remains a huge failure on ONYX’s part.
And don’t tell me it is impossible - the DASUNG Paperlike 3 monitor has the same e-ink screen and there it works.