Highlighting PDFs with Max2?

The Onyx max2 needs to allow a quick ability to take notes and highlight back and forth. You should be able to highlight in scribble mode. It’s unacceptable to have to go in and out of scribble mode to highlight. Highlighting should be free hand just like the remarkable so that’s just another marker. That is natural and how it feels to write and highlight in real life.

Long pressing to highlight is cumbersome and does not work well. If you highlight too much it is trouble to undo the highlight. Should be a marker you erase.

As seen at 1:30

Much cleaner note taking interface allowing writing and highlighting with quick access to a side menu!

Should be easy. Make a marker that is 40% opacity.


Just wanted to write a similar request, but searched the forum before posting and found this…
It is an old question but I support your request.
Do you awesome guys at @onyx are planning to add the requested feature?


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Has already passed this feature request to our relative colleagues to follow up. Hope this would be available in the near future.