Horrible design of the new BOOX 10.3 Folding Stand Case. Do not buy


So I bought the Note Pro 10.3 few days ago. I already had the 7.8 inch Nova Pro, but I wanted the bigger screen. I ordered my Note Pro 10.3 from Amazon US along with this new official stand case

So once I put my Note Pro inside the case and started testing the note taking app, the stylus wasn’t registering any lines inside the red portion of the picture that I have attached below (This is a stock pic from Amazon). At first I thought it was my Note Pro that was defective. But then I took it out of the case and started scribbling all over the note app while holding the tablet in my hands away from the case and lo and behold, everything is working fine and there are no dead spots. Went back to the case again, and that region is again dead for the stylus.

To test it further, I put my smaller Nova Pro in that case and slid it near the strap and the same dead spot appeared again. I moved it further away from the strap and the dead spots disappeared as expected.

So in conclusion the strap that hold the covers together has a very strong magnet which interferes with the screen and creates the dead spot. I tried to figure out if the strap could be folded and kept as far away from the screen as possible, but it still creates a dead spot. Only way to make this work would be to cut off the strap, but then the top cover won’t keep itself closed.

I’m returning this cover back to Amazon. This is horrible design from BOOX considering that it is a new official folding stand.

I would recommend people not buying this for their Note Pro until they fix it.


I contacted Boox regarding this issue. This was their response:

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your support to us first.

We do pay high attention to this problem and we have forwarded this to our relative colleagues.

Per our colleagues, the magnet on the case cover was the cause of that issue. We have forwarded this to our R&D team to follow up and would make a case cover without the magnet in the near future.

Apologize again for any inconvenience that may cause.

Best Regards,

Onyx Sales Team


This is the OP here. So I am looking at this cover now for my Note Pro 10.3

My question now is, what exactly are these 2 black strips on the inner portion of the top cover (I have circled one of them that is pictured)? I have seen them in several videos online. Are they magnets too? In that case won’t the same issue arise when you fold the front cover to the back with the part of the screen close to these magnets going dead again for the stylus?


Hi. I don’t think those are magnets but some kind of stickers which after wet cleaning stick a bit to the surface of reader. They also catch dust and other small particles and when they are not cleaned they don’t stick at all. You get spare pair together with the case.


Thanks for the info. And despite it would have been ideal had it been caught in design QA then Boox is reacting and following up.
One question: The dead spot apart, would the stand be sturdy enough for writing when standing?


Are you taking about writing while you are standing? I guess you can do that. But if you are referring to writing while the case is in the standing position, then it can be done but wouldn’t be the best writing experience.


Ok. Thanks. I write much more than I read/view on the tablet. So I will be fine with the old case, and just lever it with a book when I want a little bit of angle.