Improvement: Screen Clipping for PDFs would really be nice!

I just purchased my note 2, and I am enjoying it so far. However, when I am reading pdfs, I sometimes want to copy a part of it to my notes. In this case I need to use the screenshot function, take a screenshot, and add it to my notes. It is all fine if I want to have the whole page but usually this is not the case. Sometimes there are some sketches and small parts of the pages i want include only. So yes, the point is, screen clipping, like the one in windows, would be awesome. For pdfs at least!

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I was searching for the same…
On my Note Plus I tried a few Screenshot apps from the App store. Most of them are too big and have lot’s of functions and are sloppy at speed. I found for now ‘Super Screenshot’ v 1.3.05 from Geeks.Lab.2015.

It’s small, fast. When I make a screenshot with the standard app (with the Navigation Ball), it opens automatically Super Screenshot and I can crop the image. You can choose in settings the storage map. Afterwards you can past the image in Notes…

If you find another, better screenshot app, I would like to know :slight_smile:

I did request to develop this feature Take note with images from pdf

even there was a pool on this feature request, you may want to vote here

Great suggestion here. We have already forwarded this to our R&D team to follow up.