Improvements dreams :)


I’m dreaming to have a really all-in-one in my Nova plus: read, write, draw…
I think the hardware is ready.
My first dream is to write my diary under the sun in my Nova Pro. Why not?
I can connect a Bluetooth keyboard… But there is no way to have the note app in landscape. Neither others external apps because usually devices change portrait/landscape automatically. Why not to have this as an option in our Nova Pro?


Great suggestion. However, until Onyx is able to implement such a feature, you could try using a screen orientation app to force the screen into landscape mode. You could even have the rotation app available as one of the five options for the Floating Navigation Ball app.

I have found that the Control Screen Orientation app works well on the Nova Pro:

I tried another orientation app, but, for some reason, it wouldn’t work with Onyx’s Note taking app. However, the above one which I linked to works well for me.


Hello, thank you for your kind help.


Hello, thank you for your kind suggestions. We will forward this to our relative colleagues to follow up.


It works perfectly!
You make my dreams came true :smile:
Thanks you @QuestionMark!


One thing I use my Nova Pro for is improving my drawing skills. The sensitivity is extremely good. You have made a really good job!
The Note taking app is not bad. But I think there is room for easy-software improvements. Here you have some basic suggestions that could made a big difference.

  • Gray Scale.
  • Layers.
  • Zoom.


Hi Ramon, thank you for your kind suggestions! We will forward the more Gray Scale options and Layers request to our relative colleagues to follow up. What do you mean about the Zoom? Could you please clarify?


Hi @claire
Nova Pro already have zoom and draw in Neo Reader for pdf.
When reading a pdf you can pinch and pull your fingers apart to zoom in.
In this zoom mode (e.g. 160% zoom) you can draw with your stylus pen!
That what I want to see in the Note/Drawing app. So if I want to draw small details, I can zoom in the same way and work comfortably in this part of my drawing.
That’s a fantastic feature you already have developed, so I’m sure will be easy to implement.


Hi Ramon, thank you for your kind feedback. We will forward this to our relative colleagues and we will keep you updated.


Going forward in my “improvements dreams” I think Note app should be split into two.:
1.- A Note taking app as an easy/simple off-line text editor. Where you can write on lines, paragraphs,… use formats, styles, fonts… insert images, emoticons… Something to write text in a simple an nice way. You can use a Bluetooth keyboard or will be great if AI transform automatically your handwritten strokes into digital words.
2.- A Drawing app. Mostly the Notes app we have now, but with the improvements I have suggest in a former post.
I hope I’m not bothering you too much with my “dreams” :slight_smile: