Install linux or alternate OS? (and GPL2 kernel source!)

Bump for visibility.

Bump for visibility.

Sounds like a serious copyright issue. Hoping to see a resolution.

If reMarkable opened their code, I don’t think there’s much danger in Onyx opening theirs. The benefits of attracting a developer community are potentially great.

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To increase in visibility, I gave a link to this topic at their CEO:
Maybe we should all do that :slight_smile:


Hello there. It seems it is a serious issue. I would contact some lawyer in order to deepen more into this. This is in more than a way an important topic.

From the user point of view, viewing the source code is very important.
From a legal point of view, if something it is not compliant with the license it is something very very important too.

It should be reported to someone. Maybe someone from the Android organization or Google(?) just sayin’.

Thank you for your time @joga

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This page has 2k views, but we still got no answer from Onyx. Why does Onyx not release kernel source code? I don’t understand what’s the point. Are they afraid of developers?

Here the CEO of Onyx says something about the GPL license and source code. Not too much. min 4:35

Bump this thread. Please elevate the significance of releasing source code in compliance with GPL to legal and management.
Please consider releasing source code of bootloaders.


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Same here. This post needs more attention.

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Unfortunately, as far as I can tell there hasn’t been a reply from any Onyx representative about this for over 1 year on this thread.

It’s just one more disappointment in having spent all that money on a device that is ultimately unsafe to be used for anything more than a PDF/ebook reader, never connecting it to any network.

Here’s a FAQ about requirements and best current practice of providing corresponding source code for GPL licensed executable code, including the Linux kernel:

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Maybe Onyx don’t understand that they are stealing other people’s work by using GPL licensed code and not abiding by the license agreement i.e. distributing the source to their modifications.

This is, unfortunately, an example which supports Trump’s assertion that China steals western technology and therefore should be sanctioned. I actually think that Onyx haven’t done that and have created some innovative products but they should bring themselves on the right side, legally and morally, of license agreements to avoid accusations like this.

Please could somebody from Onyx comment on the current position and when we can expect to see open source repositories of the kernel and bootloader ?


I can’t wait someone do something about this. This is ALL wrong. And we are like sheeps continuing using their products. We should say NO to this company and to the products it makes! We should suggest not buying their product and we first should not continue to buy their product, neither suggest them what to do and give them precious ideas and feedbacks.

Does anybody have suggestions on how to proceed with this issue? I think it’s time to notify the relevant groups that their license is being violated – if one of those groups is Google, perhaps they’ll take legal action.

Well that’s good. At least it’s on the CEO’s radar even if they think that free software/GPL licenses are not to be taken seriously.

I hate to be that person who says “That’s it, I’m going to [insert competitor]!”, but the guys from Remarkable just came out with a second tablet which has everything the onyx boox note has: USB-C charging, a glass screen, and a pen with an eraser. And it first class GNU/Linux support and features that don’t rely on connection to cloud servers in any country.

The only thing they don’t have is a front-light or audio, but that’s fine for me (and I’m sure it would be possible to get audio out the USB host port. people have gotten bluetooth keyboards to work over a USB dongle on the Remarkable 1).

Seriously, check out how healthy this community is! People may want to consider supporting this other device instead. They cost the same, so it’s not like price is a huge object. I just bought one and I’m giving up on onyx.

In any case, we should still keep this topic visible.

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Hi @joga I totally agree with you. I have more than a reason to go to rM. You did well. I hope to reach you asap.

Thank you for writing.

I hope someone try to report this infringement.

Their support is a joke - one you report a bug, they just tell you to use feedback - and nothing happens.

You make a suggestion - they tell you that they will forward it.

The highlighting has been broken for months and no replies or fixes. Abandon ship.

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Sorry - I just wanted this embarrasing (for Onyx) post on the top of the list again. The problem is not resolved - you are still stealing other people’s software.

Without a real" legal action" they will not change. Any lawyer is reading this thread?