Is Max 3 a real upgrade?


I’m thinking about an upgrade to my Max 2 since a while. IMHO the main limiting factor on Max 2 is the memory: 2G is simple not enough. First came Max 2 Pro, but it was white only, so I’ve rejected the idea. Then came out the Max2 Pro in black, but soon enough the Max 3 was announced. USB-C, newer android, what a great update. But the more I look at it the more frustrated I am:

  1. It is white and white only. That is a great problem. White border means the screen itself looks gray instead of white. I have lived that through with my original Amazon kindle DX, which I had to updgrade to the grey version when it came out. I was so happy with Onyx being a company understand that an e-ink device should not have shiny white frame…

  2. No holder for the pen. Why?

  3. No page turn buttons. I would miss that much!

  4. No button on the pen. Why to downgrade the pen of a most premium device?

  5. No case come whit it. I like very much the fabric case of the Max 2, it is protecting the device perfectly while carrying, and does not add weight while holding it for reading (I simple put it away during read). There is a cover in the marketplace, but it seems permanently attached to the device adding weight and discomfort during read.

So I’m considering still buying the Max 2 Pro instead of Max 3. What others think about it?


Hi gubi,

I just recently purchased Max 3 for 2 weeks, here’s my answer for your questions, hope it helps:

  1. It’s not really a bright white. I used it for both reading and second monitor when coding. Didn’t notice the boarder at all.
  2. The cover come with the holder for pen
  3. You could purchase the bluetooth controller for tuning the page, its didn’t come together with the machine though. I can’t find a website in UK that sells it. So can’t provide much feedback for that.
  4. I used the pen for a while, you don’t need the button
  5. You will need to buy the case separately yourself, cost £30 in Amazon UK. The case cover actually is quite light, it’s not permanently attach. Just like a phone case, you could remove it anytime you want, but I highly recommend to get one and keep it there as the Max 3 looks quite crispy in structure.

So I’m considering still buying the Max 2 Pro instead of Max 3. What others think about it?
The price between Max 2 Pro and Max 3 are not that different. In my opinion, I would suggest to go for MAX 3 simply because the system are faster and more stable. Max Pro series are more for specific users and Max series are more public users. Another winning point for Max 3 is more comfortable to set it as second monitor for my work. If you don’t need all that, go for Max 2 instead of Max 2 Pro.



I too don’t want a white device black works fine. I think a lot of people prefer the black device. I like the button on my pen it’s one less movement. You get the best deal buying through the website. I think I’ll hold out for the black one.


it’s not just ‘black works fine’ but rather ‘black works better’, the e-ink screens are still relatively low contrast, and when you surround them with a white border, they are far harder to read than with a dark border.

just take any white reader and cut a paper border out of dark material (paper, cloth, whatever) and try it. you will be surprised at the difference.

I had one of the original while Kindle DX readers, and purchased one of the black ones as soon as they were out because the difference in perceived contrast was so significant.

you should come out with the dark version of the readers first and then (if the market demands) the white ones.

the people purchasing these readers are interested in functionality far more than anything else (they wouldn’t spend this sort of money on a unknown brand device otherwise, they would spend a little more for the big ipads)