Is the Boox Nova Pro screen scratch resistent?



Both the Note Pro and the Nova Pro have a similar flush glass-based screen according the description. However in the description of the Note Pro it is advertised that this device has a Mobius Carta screen which is scratch resistant so no screen protector is needed.
Does the Nova-Pro have the same glassbased screen and also the same scratch resistant feature ?
(@Claire, do you know or can you ask ?)

Thanks in advance for the info.


Nova-Pro has the same glass-based screen and has also the same scratch resistant feature. BTW, you are suggested to use the tips to avoid the screen scratch. And you could learn more about the E-ink screens from this article.


thanks for the information !


Mine has not scratched at all in normal use. You should use a cover or sleeve though. If you throw it in a bag, unprotected, with your keys, it’s probably going to get scratched up.