Is there a home button? Way to view the status bar from anywhere?

1> I would like to get ‘home’ no matter where I am. This is built into android 6.0 but has been taken away on this device. Right now I can only back out of the current screen with unexpected behavior in apps. This is not acceptable.

2> I would also like to be able to see the status bar at anytime. When I am in a pdf, I can’t see the time and battery. I thought I had the settings right but no luck. How to see status bar at all times…or at least call it?

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I would also want a home button. My suggestion would be implementing the home function on long-press of the list or back button.

Long press of [Menu] triggers “Full screen refresh” (by the way: I would love that the long press timeout be 1 second like it was set years ago, instead of the 3 seconds, too long).

I agree and support that long press of [Back] triggers “Home”. Many applications also attribute actions to a long press of [Back] : they are free to override it.

I would also like to be able to see the status bar at anytime

Is it a problem with your firmware, or you overlooked the
(Long press on application icon) > ‘Apps Optimize Setting’ > (Check) ‘Run in Fullscreen’

Long pressing on the application icon that is on the homepage does not do anything. Am I supposed to get a menu when I do that?

Go in the “Application” view, accessed from the icon in the home page (the icon of the four icons).
There, long tap on the application of which you want to modify the settings. A menu will pop up, in the NE corner.
Select ‘Apps Optimize Setting’ from that menu.