Is there any way to export all Notes to Dropbox?

I have a bunch of notes and I would like to upload them to Dropbox. I have the account synced to Dropbox, and I know you can set it to auto-sync a note after you edit it. But how about exporting all notes at one time?


With the new update (2.3) it doesn’t sync anymore with Dropbox… You can use Autosync with Dropbox from the playstore:

The sync with the Boox app (also in the Store) works better because it syncs also the maps! (Both dutch appstore…sorry). With Dropbox it syncs no maps…

What do you mean it doesn’t sync to Dropbox anymore? The option is still in the settings for Note. Are you saying it’s just broken? I wouldn’t be surprised…

I downloaded that Google AutoSync - but where and how are Notes stored on the Book? You have to specify a folder to sync to. Are you syncing to the export folder? Then I would have to manually export things before they would be synced to Dropbox… is that what you do? Is there any way to have it automatically sync the notes without manually exporting?


I use the Google Sync app also (Autosync). The notes on the Note+ are stored in /storage/emulated/0/note:
or just /storage/note.

No maps though. Autosync works, but you’ll have to have a WiFi connection.

That directory you list is only for things that you have manually exported. It isn’t the place where new notes are stored. So in order to use this, you would have to take the extra step of exporting anything you wanted synced. This is not nearly as good as the old ‘auto-sync’ method that you can set in the Notes settings. Why did that stop working I want to know? I think I am going to get rid of this device soon, the software just keeps getting worse…

I’d like to find the location as well. I think with a file system monitoring tool you’d be able to see recently changed files after using the note app and determine it. Going to do that.

Unfortunately they are probably in some protected directory and stored in a proprietary format that you couldn’t do anything with… I don’t think they’re turned into PDFs until you export.