Japanese Dictionary


I’m been trying to get a japanese - english dictionary to work. But none of the stardict dictionaries I tried works.

Is there any description/way that I can get a japanese dictionary or build one myself?


Hi, I have had the same problem.

you can find the multiple dictionaries here
A dictionary is represented as 3 files with different extentions.
You create a folder “japanese” in internal storage/dics. You copy there these 3 files.
Then you start your dictionary and click to Setting symbol. Then you click to “preffered dictionary Settings” and select there your folder “japanese”. After that it must work.


Thanks I’ve tried this before. I just noticed that all the words is always empty but searching for words works


I never managed to get it to work. I downloaded jmdict ja-en. It’s just forever searching for me, both when I highlight something and click dictionary or when I go through the built-in Dict app to search for words directly.

So what I ended up doing was to install “Popup Japanese Dictionary” from the Play Store. After it’s installed, run it and turned Dictionary Service on. Now when I highlight something and hit “Copy”, this will pop up a window with the definition in it. In short, whenever something is copied to the clipboard, the lookup is triggered.

Works quite well for me. Hope it helps.