KNote app feature support request/query


Hi, I would like to ask if you have any plans of adding any of the following features in the KNote App.

-Selection and Move support (including copy paste)
-Layer Support

Layer support is not that important but selection and move support is important as rearranging or copy pasting blocks of hand-written text can improve productivity by a lot. Other Android apps can do that but they are really slow as they are not using the native SDK.

Are there any other Note apps out there that use the Boox’s native SDK?

Thank you


Dear, Thank you very much for your kind suggestion, I have forward it to our R&D.


I’m not aware of any other apps that use the Boox SDK for writing notes. The ability to re-arrange (move) objects on the screen would be nice.


Selection, move, and cut-paste of (part of) scribbles both in KNote and Neo Reader would be really nice.

Also, some note taking app on Android supports “write by stylus, erase by finger” and I find it to be quite convenient. It would be good if KNote also supports that method.

The button on the stylus could be used for selection instead of erasing.


I agree 100%, I actually just came to this forum to see how to do just that. Apparently it is not possible but much desired. I put my vote here too for that feature. I often write down things very fast while on a call, and would later want to re-arrange in a clearer manner before finalizing the note. Please add this!


We may add this function in the V2.0 update.