Latest Update Onyx Boox Max2


I use a BT Keyboard, and at the moment when I write text and the virtual keyboard pops up too, the (up/down/left/right) cursor of my BT keyboard just selects the keys of the virtual keyboard, but doesn’t move the cursor position in the text anymore. That’s pretty annoying. I don’t have that with my Onyx Boox Note with the previous system-software. Anyone any idea? I like the virtual keyboard to be visible because of the spelling correction …

Also Rotation Control Pro doesn’t work at all anymore after the latest Onyx Boox Max2 Firmware update. …



Onyx need to update the firmware so we can turn the virtual keyboard on and off when we need to. The same applies to rotation control. They’re basic features on most note taking and writing tablets. We shouldn’t have to rely on 3rd party apps. Sort it out Onyx!